New mosque more than place of worship

Excerpt: “…In almost exactly a year, the Masjid Bilal mosque went from being an empty City of Winnipeg building to a welcoming place of worship and community. The Winnipeg Islamic Centre officially opened Masjid Bilal (33 Warnock St.) with a celebration on March 4, which saw hundreds of area residents in attendance. On a regular day, the 45,000 square foot space can accommodate over 400 guests for prayer….” Author: Alana Trachenko Date of Article: March 10, 2017 Source: Winnipeg Free Press Website:

Sensei inducted into hall of fame

Excerpt: “…Brian Jones is a force of nature. The 80-year-old St. Vital resident was recently inducted into the Judo Manitoba Hall of Fame in the builder category for his work and commitment to the sport in the province….” Author: Simon Fuller Date of Article: March 10, 2017 Source: Winnipeg Free Press Website:

Beneficiaries of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams

Excerpt: “…WINNIPEG, MB. -The Winnipeg Goldeyes, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, announced the beneficiaries of funds raised during the 2016 baseball season. Last year, the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation raised and distributed nearly $120,000 in support of 45 registered children’s charities through generous contributions from Manitobans all across the province….” Author: Kevin Klein Date of Article: March 9, 2017 Source: MyToba Website:

SoFar Sounds Sets Up Shop In Winnipeg

Excerpt: “…If you didn’t hear about the stripped-down concert featuring local artists Okay Mann, Sol James, and Logan McKillop on Feb. 27, don’t feel bad. It was supposed to be a secret. It was the first “Sofar” ever to be held in Winnipeg, courtesy of international network SoFar Sounds. A “Sofar” is the network’s term for their intimate shows, featuring emerging artists performing in unconventional spaces to a respectful, appreciative audience….” Author: Emelia Fournier Date of Article: March 9, 2017 Source: The Manitoban Website:

More than 200 asylum seekers have crossed the border near Emerson, including 19 since Tuesday

Excerpt: “…At least 19 more new arrivals walked into Canada between Tuesday and Wednesday in the midst of one of the winter’s most brutal storms, says the area reeve. Greg Janzen, reeve of Emerson-Franklin, said two people were picked up by emergency responders near Emerson Tuesday night, while 17 more were found huddled in a carport north of the town Wednesday morning….” Author: Jessica Botelho-Urbanski Date of Article: March 8, 2017 Source: Metro Website:

University of Winnipeg bike lab closing for cycling season

Excerpt: “…Despite the fact that most people who commute by bike do so exclusively in the spring and summer months, the University of Winnipeg’s bike lab is closing for the cycling season. Volunteer Madison Zienkiewicz said in past years, the free maintenance pitstop was open three or more days a week “with long lineups in the summer.”…” Author: Braeden Jones Date of Article: March 7, 2017 Source: Metro Website:

Why You Should Volunteer Abroad This Summer

Excerpt: “…Well hello summer! You’re finally here, forcing your unyielding heat and lengthy daylight hours on anyone who will listen. As the season rolls in, you are probably contemplating where you should go for your summer vacation. Have you ever considered volunteering abroad?…” Author: Danielle Nelson Date of Article: June 23, 2016 Source: The Huffington Post Website:

Employee Volunteering Extends To The Polling Booth

Excerpt: “…Part of community impact is engaging in the civic life of communities, and that starts with electing national and local leaders. Holding elections hinges on the help of volunteers, so this area is one that’s ripe for employee involvement….” Author: Ryan Scott Date of Article: February 19, 2016 Source: Forbes Website:

Volunteering Abroad Doesn’t Have to Be an Introvert’s Nightmare

Excerpt: “…Voluntourism has a bad reputation. It’s supposed to help vulnerable communities, but often it seems like the only people to benefit are the volunteers, who get new content for their resume and photos for their Instagram….” Author: Corinne Pinfold Date of Article: February 18, 2016 Source: Huffington Post Website:

Involver- Social Volunteering: An App That Brings Together Humanitarians, The Gamification Way

Excerpt: “…Co-founded by Chad Smalley and Kevin Chua in December 2015, Involver – Social Volunteering is a platform that connects volunteers to social causes and help corporations and non-profits run data-oriented structured CSR programs economically….” Author: Sindhu Hariharan Date of Article: February 16, 2016 Source: Entrepreneur Website: